has a long and illustrious history with a reputation around the world for producing furniture of exceptional beauty, craftsmanship and quality, created by highly skilled artisans.


Traditionally the industry is made up of a variety of types of business from the single craftsman operating from his workshop to large scale manufactures supplying markets overseas, each operating independently with little or no communication or co-operation between them.

The Irish Furniture Industry

Furniture Manufacturers Ireland

Furniture Manufacturers Ireland is an association established to represent the interests of this furniture sector from raw material supply through to the consumer, including trade, construction, furniture manufacturing, upholstery, retail and supply.

Its goal is to build competitive and sustainable business models and to promote the profitable growth, competitiveness and innovation of its members and to develop a range of services to assist them to compete successfully at home and overseas


Its aim is to support the furniture industry through improved marketing, connection, and communication initiatives, and to improve the ability of members to network with suppliers and retailers


To improve members sales potential by improving their exposure the general public by having a port of call, on our website, which allows consumers to find exactly the products they are looking for and connect directly with the business.


There are many benefits to becoming a member of Furniture Manufacturers Ireland. For a comprehensive description of the benefit of becoming a member, please follow this link to the Member Benefits page

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Associate Membership  is available for any supporting organisations that are associated to the trade in anyway such as suppliers, retail and services, which offers great opportunity to network your business and enhance your profile and access to both manufactures and consumers.

is given to associate members for referrals when suppliers are sought. Associate membership is also open to ancillary organisations to the trade such as lighting or other companies involved in home ware.

Preferential Status

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