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Some of the many tangible Benefits to becoming a full member of the FMI are listed below;

Value of the FMI Logo

As a member, you will be able to use the FMI logo on your website, letterheads etc. The logo will be a sign that you are an Irish manufacturer and a member of a recognised Trade Association. The logo, together with the local brand will improve how the general public view your company and attract and reassure customers that they are buying quality products made in Ireland and manufactured in accordance with relevant regulations and standards.

Not all companies have an online presence. In a world where online retailing is fundamentally necessary to access national and international markets a dedicated website will provide FMI members the opportunity to increase sales, by displaying their products in one location. It will also afford those businesses that already have a website or platform for the sale of their goods to link with the website.



Online Trade Presence

Value of the Brand

The brand for member’s products indicates that they are part of a wider brand that will become recognised for quality, standards and durability of the products. As the brand is developed and marketed, it will become synonymous with quality and durability.

It will be a brand that reflects the tradition of the area and that are all products are made to specific standards and quality. The brand will be a competitive advantage to all members in selling their products, both nationally and internationally.

The skill set of workers operating within the wood sector is rapidly changing as I.C.T, technology and  innovation improves. The GMIT Letterfrack furniture training college provides excellent training at 3rd, 4th and 5th levels, but there is a need to improve vocational training at local level to ensure employees within the wood sector have the necessary ‘on the job’ skills required to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The FMI will assist in identifying training needs within industry as well as coordinating the training around the country where it is needed. It will also ensure that training provided is accredited to a relevant body and forms part of an employee’s Continued Professional Development.


FMI members will have the opportunity to exhibit at trade shows around Ireland, the UK and Europe at preferential rates. The FMI will negotiate these rates for any shows that its members wish to attend.

Trade Shows


The Irish market is small when compared with the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. The FMI will provide an Annual Report and quarterly newsletters providing updates on current markets and outlooks for the wood and furniture sector in Ireland. These reports will also provide factual information regarding European and global markets.



Bench Marking and Reporting

The FMI will be part of a larger group of networks and associations across the UK, Europe and the U.S. which will provide a vehicle and contact for its members to access other markets and information that may not previously have been available. The FMI will be in a collective position to act on and behalf of its members and negotiate with other associations some preferential benefits for its members.


Links with other Trade Organisations across UK, EU & U.S


Suppliers Directories

A Comprehensive A-Z online link to suppliers in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK


Retailers Directories

Names and addresses of all retailers in Ireland and Northern Ireland



The role and function of the FMI is to act for, and on behalf of its members. It will lobby and advance the interests of the furniture industry with national governments on the island of Ireland and also with the UK and in Europe.




On 3 March 2013, an EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into effect to stop the circulation of illegally logged wood in the European Union. The Regulation applies to wood and wood products being placed for the first time on the EU market. The FMI will develop a leaflet and information tool to assist members in understanding and complying with the new Timber Regulations

Timber Regulations

So If you are ready to give your business an advantage by becoming a member of FMI, click here!

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